Bio-Sand Training: Update

Once the sand layers were separated into piles, Wafiq folded a tarp several times to mix the excess materials into concrete. Electricity would have made mixing much less difficult, but that was a luxury Wafiq had never had.

Clean as Rain

The garments I wear now are already sticking to my skin and soaked through with sweat and grime in several places. Both my younger sisters would love a chance to splash around in the old plastic tub we found in the rubbage heap awhile back, washing the filth and grime away and getting rid of that
all-persistent stink that clings to our clothes.

Bio-Sand: How It Works

Global Helps Network has produced 25 bio-sand water filter units in partnership with the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) and we are looking to build more this coming year.