New Project Launch

Another exciting project that we launched in January is a coaching program for low-caste students in India. Even when parents in rural areas can afford to send their children to school, the drop out rate is high. Many children drop out of school before 5th grade.

Letters from School

“Here I get good food, care and high-quality education that will give me a good career. My life would have been different if I had not been called by them to the school.”

Wani’s Hope

“What will happen to her after this year?” That was her mother. “I don’t know,” replied her father. “We were fortunate that this kindergarten school was open to her. Most are not, and even those that might allow our people charge so high that we would never be able to pay.”

A Child Changed

“Watch out Nana!” Her father bellowed as the six-year-old rushed through the doorway, nearly bowling over her mother and father in her energetic haste. Her clothes were all amok, and her dark hair streaked with sand. A bright smile lit her face.

Children’s Education

It was all so new to them. The teachers were kind and patient as they learned their letters and how to read and write them correctly. New topics like addition, multiplication and division continued to draw their interest. They learned at a phenomenal rate and their favorite question when looking at a building or the rare vehicle was always, “How does it work?”