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About Us

Our Approach

We hope to give you meaningful opportunities to become involved with people groups in developing countries of the world.  We will provide opportunities in the areas of:  Education for Children, Adult Literacy Training, and Clean Water.  For the present we have chosen to work with the Dalits of India. We will be expanding to other opportunities this coming year.

Our Mission

Global Helps Network is a Christian 501c3 registered charity who exists for the purpose of aiding, training, equipping and funding other non-profit organizations, civic organizations, schools, and churches in their global efforts to help the disadvantaged in developing countries, with a particular focus on India.

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Startling Statistics

$ 1.25
Amount villagers in India live on daily
Million adults living without access to education in India
Recorded deaths from contaminated water in India each year
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Upcoming News & Events

4th Clean Water Training

Our last clean water training was a success, with over thirty people trained from six different clusters of villages throughout Northern India. This fall, we are launching our fourth training where we will teach about hygiene, proper sanitation, and bio-sand filters.

IT Training

At the same time as our bio-sand & clean water training, we’ll be running an IT training course for low caste Indian Nationals in the Microsoft Office Suite and the locally used bookkeeping software. This opportunity is excellent for low caste Indians to receive training in computer technology. Most never have the chance to touch a keyboard.

Let’s Make a Trade

We want to start training young, low caste people who will probably not make it into university in Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint) so they can get data entry jobs. These jobs are higher paying than farming land or street cleaning and provide greater dignity than many jobs available to the low caste.