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About Us

Our Approach

We hope to give you meaningful opportunities to become involved with people groups in developing countries of the world.  We will provide opportunities in the areas of:  Education for Children, Adult Literacy Training, and Clean Water.  For the present we have chosen to work with the Dalits of India. We will be expanding to other opportunities this coming year.

Our Mission

Global Helps Network is a Christian 501c3 registered charity who exists for the purpose of aiding, training, equipping and funding other non-profit organizations, civic organizations, schools, and churches in their global efforts to help the disadvantaged in developing countries, with a particular focus on India.

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Startling Stastics

$ 1.25
Amount people in India live on daily
Million People in India living with HIV
Number of people that die from Dehydration in India yearly
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Upcoming News & Events

East Indian Discovery Fair – Spring 2019

Date: May 17th

Location: Highland Covenant Church, Bellevue WA

Our next Fair takes place on the East Side at Highland Covenant Church May 17th! Read about our last event in the link above and feel free to contact us at for more information.

Tailoring Schools & The Elephant Project

Shama comes from a non-Hindu family, her family is extremely poor, and often they do not have two proper meals a day. Her sister was sick, and when she heard about prayers, she brought her to our center for prayer. God healed her sister, and it impacted the life of Shama. She was also one of the best students in our sewing group. Along with tailoring, she learned how to stitch bags, her stitching is excellent, and her finishing is skillful.


At present India is facing a massive problem of unemployment and under-employment, micro-finance is the way forward to provide jobs or self-employment to these people. The tricky part of helping the poor micro-finance is knowing and working with people we can trust. We have developed those relationships over the past decade and are looking to carry out several of these micro-loans in the coming years.

Children’s Education

It was all so new to them. The teachers were kind and patient as they learned their letters and how to read and write them correctly. New topics like addition, multiplication and division continued to draw their interest. They learned at a phenomenal rate and their favorite question when looking at a building or the rare vehicle was always, “How does it work?”