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About Us

Our Approach

We hope to give you meaningful opportunities to become involved with people groups in developing countries of the world.  We will provide opportunities in the areas of:  Education for Children, Adult Literacy Training, and Clean Water.  For the present we have chosen to work with the Dalits of India. We will be expanding to other opportunities this coming year.

Our Mission

Global Helps Network is a Christian 501c3 registered charity who exists for the purpose of aiding, training, equipping and funding other non-profit organizations, civic organizations, schools, and churches in their global efforts to help the disadvantaged in developing countries, with a particular focus on India.

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Startling Stastics

$ 1.25
Amount people in India live on daily
Million People in India living with HIV
Number of people that die from Dehydration in India yearly
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Upcoming News & Events

East Indian Discovery Fair – Spring 2019

Date: May 17th

Location: Highland Covenant Church, Bellevue WA

The East Indian Festival has been re-named The East Indian Discovery Fair! The Fair takes place twice a year, once on either side of the Washington Cascades. Our next Fair takes place on the East Side at Highland Covenant Church May 17th. Read about our last event in the link above and feel free to contact us at for more information.

BioSand Water Filter – pdf

My name is Anamika, it sounds so beautiful, but in my culture it means “person without name”, I’m 10 years old and the oldest daughter in my family. I do have a very important job, to fetch the daily water for our family!