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Our Approach

We hope to give you meaningful opportunities to become involved with people groups in developing countries of the world.  We will provide opportunities in the areas of:  Education for Children, Adult Literacy Training, and Clean Water.  For the present we have chosen to work with the Dalits of India. We will be expanding to other opportunities this coming year.

Our Mission

Global Helps Network is a Christian 501c3 registered charity who exists for the purpose of aiding, training, equipping and funding other non-profit organizations, civic organizations, schools, and churches in their global efforts to help the disadvantaged in developing countries, with a particular focus on India.

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Startling Stastics

$ 1.25
Amount villagers in India live on daily
Million adults living without access to education in India
Recorded deaths from contaminated water in India each year
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Upcoming News & Events

A Child Changed

“Watch out Nana!” Her father bellowed as the six-year-old rushed through the doorway, nearly bowling over her mother and father in her energetic haste. Her clothes were all amok, and her dark hair streaked with sand. A bright smile lit her face.

Payal’s Story

Payal comes from the Dalit Community. ‘Dalit’ is a class of people in India often known as the ‘Untouchables,’ but they call themselves ‘Dalit’ which means ‘the broken people.’ They are the lowest and most poverty-stricken class in India and are often frequent targets for injustice.

Bio-Sand: How It Works

Global Helps Network has produced 25 bio-sand water filter units in partnership with the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) and we are looking to build more this coming year.