We’ll Help You Raise Funds

Are you needing to raise funds for this summer’s Youth Group, Virtual VBS, or Club Project, RIGHT NOW?

We are finding that the COVID-19 virus has knocked almost everyone off track, and we would like to help your group. We are prepared to help you launch a fast fundraiser, which should generate between $400 and $2000 in a 2-week period. It costs you nothing except some ‘man-power’ (computer and phone work from your home). Global Helps has 25 years’ experience in fund-raising, we are sure we can help you, and you will be helping us in the process.

You should plan on having between 5 and 25 Volunteers (what you want to earn will determine the number you invite to participate).

If you are interested in learning more, we will set up a Zoom call with you and share a PowerPoint with you and your group (contact GHN@globalhelpsnetwork.org to set this up). Then you can decide if this will be a help to you. What we are proposing isn’t for everyone, and we are not trying to talk a lot of people into this, but we hope a few groups will experience and understand that even in this time of being knocked off track, there is a huge opportunity for us to glorify God and flourish in uncertain times.