4th Clean Water Training

Our last clean water training was a success, with over thirty people trained from six different clusters of villages throughout Northern India. This fall, we are launching our fourth training where we will teach about hygiene, proper sanitation, and bio-sand filters.

IT Training

At the same time as our bio-sand & clean water training, we’ll be running an IT training course for low caste Indian Nationals in the Microsoft Office Suite and the locally used bookkeeping software. This opportunity is excellent for low caste Indians to receive training in computer technology. Most never have the chance to touch a keyboard.

Let’s Make a Trade

We want to start training young, low caste people who will probably not make it into university in Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint) so they can get data entry jobs. These jobs are higher paying than farming land or street cleaning and provide greater dignity than many jobs available to the low caste.

New Project Launch

Another exciting project that we launched in January is a coaching program for low-caste students in India. Even when parents in rural areas can afford to send their children to school, the drop out rate is high. Many children drop out of school before 5th grade.

New Venture

As we begin this new venture, both the house parties and reaching the youth, we hope to spread the word about what God is doing in India and the opportunities to spread the Gospel to the Untouchables, and other low caste. In the process, we desire to discover new partners, continue to fund the work, and inspire a passion for missions in the next generation.

Sewing to the Nations

Today, we have four tailoring schools running in villages in northern India with more coming this year. Every six months, a class graduates, and we give the graduates a chance to be a part of our elephant project. We want to give every woman the opportunity to support themselves financially.

Returning Home

Aan gathered with his neighbors both men and women from all over the region packed in the clearing of one village. An air of expectancy hung over the crowd so thickly that he could feel it. Today was a day that would change their lives. Today
was their graduation, and today was the day they would all return home and begin something new.

A Tailoring Graduation

Kamu squeezed into the tiny room for one final class. Tomorrow would be her graduation, and today she had the task of sewing her very own graduation uniform…

Bio-Sand Training: Update

Once the sand layers were separated into piles, Wafiq folded a tarp several times to mix the excess materials into concrete. Electricity would have made mixing much less difficult, but that was a luxury Wafiq had never had.

India Discovery Fair November 2019

The fall India Discovery Fair is our biggest event every year. People come from all over the Greater Seattle Region including our supporters, their neighbors, and a number of Indian heritage families.