Update on this Coming Year

This coming year we will be adding water testing to our BioSand Water Filter Projects so we can give priority to the villages with the worst water first. This seems intuitive, but while searching the web, we found only one non-profit in Africa that is taking this additional step.  We will also start adult literacy training in our villages (commonly, adult women have not had sufficient education to read, write or even count). Additionally, we will be expanding the number of our Tailoring Schools in 2021.

We are also adding a very new and exciting Vocational Training to our portfolio we call the Unplugged Hub. The Unplugged Hub project will focus on bringing computer skills to remote villages who have no internet connection. As a part of our Computer Skills Training, we will be teaching English as a Second Language.

We are a small organization now, but we are growing. We have already given over a quarter of a million dollars to projects in India, and we are just getting started!