Unplugged Hub Project

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You have probably already heard a little about the Unplugged Hub Project. This will likely become our Signature Project!  We were slowed down a bit by COVID but in March we are unveiling this amazing tool that will impact everyone from junior-high students to pastors.

God has provided the funding to start the first training center with the computers and equipment we need to teach the MS Office Suite. Learning MS Office might not sound like much to “Westerners”, but even the most basic computer skills can act as a bridge enabling former migrant farm workers and day-laborers qualify for jobs in the city and potentially earn a much better income. In the near future, we will be adding bookkeeping and theological training for our pastors.

But why do we call it ‘Unplugged Hub?’ This is truly the amazing part of the project! Outside of the major cities and in the more rural and isolated regions of northern India, internet and data coverage are almost nonexistent. Many villages in these regions don’t have access to electricity either. 

So, how can we teach computer-based skills? The Unplugged Hub is a device that broadcasts a network-like signal to nearby computers. Up to 50 computers within a couple hundred feet can discover and connect to the Hub and access the information stored on it, all without access to an internet connection. The Hub has a long battery life (up to a day or two) and we are also looking into using solar-powered chargers and heavy-duty battery packs. Either way, we will be able to run the equipment and teach the skills. 

With these “basic” skills and learning English, which we also teach the students, there are jobs in the cities that can greatly increase their daily living wages and provide further opportunities to learn their new craft. We are excited to see what God will do!