Successful Launch of Our 1st Unplugged Hub & Computer Training Project!

The launch of our newest project, the Unplugged Hub, was a success! We spent a week teaching a small class of tech-savvy Indian nationals how to use the RACHEL or “Unplugged Hub” technology. RACHEL stands for “Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning.” This technology is being used in over fifty countries to bring education material to regions without internet access. South America and Africa are benefiting from this newer technology, but we have yet to see it used in Asia until our training. We may be the first organization ever to bring Unplugged Hub technology to India.

While we would have like to have been there in-person for the training, India is still denying many visas as they work to deal with COVID within their own borders. Despite having to teach remotely through Zoom, we were able to successfully run a week-long training course. Most of our students already lead groups out in the villages where they teach everything from Science to Math and English. Everyone of our students that went though the training is also a Christian and dedicated to mentoring and discipling the kids from their villages.

In order to continue reaching kids in the villages with the Gospel and training them in employable skills, we need your help. We’re short the computers we need to start the next computer training school. Do you have an old laptop or tablet and are considering an upgrade? Or are you looking to get rid of a computer you don’t use anymore? Instead of selling your used device on eBay or putting it in the ‘Goodwill pile,’ think about donating your used laptop or tablet to our computer skills training schools. The Unplugged Hub is an ongoing project, and we are going to need a lot of computers to make this work. If you don’t have a laptop or tablet you can donate, you can also give directly to support the school and the teachers we are training to go out into the villages. But there is also another way you can help. Consider asking your home church if they could become a drop-off & pick-up point for used laptops. This would be a great way to introduce your church to the work we are doing in India, transforming lives through vocational training .