India Discovery Fair Recap

We had a great India Discovery Fair last week! We’re still new to using technology this way (we had a blast with the breakout room sessions, thanks to all who participated!), and we wanted to thank you for your patience and grace. We can’t wait for next time!

We will be hosting another event in the fall for those of you who couldn’t attend our now bi-annual India Discovery Fair. We also wanted to share some of the videos we put together, especially for the event. Enjoy!

The Unplugged Hub is one of our feature projects at Global Helps Network. Though slow to get off the ground this year because of COVID, we have started our first computer skills vocational training course using the Unplugged Hub technology in the villages.

If you missed it during our Virtual Fair this year, here is Vijaya’s story in full. We helped her learn a new trade, and she has since started her own tailoring business, earns an income for her family, and employs other women in need from her village.

Michael Eash

Global Helps Network Team