Come to our India Discovery Fair October 8th!

The India Discovery Fair, will be a Hybrid Event this Fall!

(Face-to-Face & On-Line Simultaneously).

We have some exciting news! We’re gearing up for our India Discovery Fair In-Person and online event October 8th!

The last time we met in person was November of 2019 and we are so looking forward to seeing everyone again! The event will take place on October 8th from 6:30-9pm at Grace Community Church in Auburn (pictured below). 

We will have a Zoom Link ready to send out for those who might still be uncomfortable or unable to come in-person, so don’t worry about that. Whether or not you attend through Zoom or show up at the door, we’ll love having you! Although, the people on Zoom will miss out on a sweet dessert auction (pun intended) and the taste of India brought to them in a spicy & traditional dinner.

In-person, you will have the chance to explore four booths focusing on the pillars of our ministry in India: Sewing to the Nations (Tailoring Schools), Clean Water & Health (The BioSand Water Filter & Water Testing), Educational Coaching (After School & Helping School Dropouts), and The Unplugged Hub (Microsoft Office and Computer Training).

Time is Short! We Need Table Hosts and Sponsors!

What we need more than attendees is table hosts and financial sponsors for the India Discovery Fair. Every year, we need sponsors to help us financially with our projects in India. If you are  interested in sponsoring, all the information you need is below at the bottom of this email.

What I want to talk about now is table hosts. For those of you who have been to our past Discovery Fairs, this should be familiar. We have a goal of reaching one hundred people to be in-person at our event this year. Focusing on reaching people one-on-one, would seem like a tall order, but table hosts change everything.

We have twelve tables at Grace this year. If twelve people step up and invite between five to seven people they know, we will make that number. We need you to be one of those twelve. Scroll down to the link below and check the table host option when you fill out the form and start inviting (remember, food is provided)!


India Discovery Fair (In-Person)


Grace Community Church: 1320 Auburn Way S, Auburn, WA 98002


Friday, October 8th @ 6:30pm

Attend, Host a Table or Sponsor Our Event

Discipleship, Computer Literacy, and Hope

Computer skills are now essential for the youth (especially the marginalized & underprivileged) in both urban and rural areas, as this helps them secure better and higher paying jobs in the long run. From researching potential jobs to writing a resume, students need computer skills even before they start working on a job. Students who can competently research and type on  computer are better equipped for both academic and professional success. However, in the areas where we work, most student have never touched the keyboard of a computer before in their entire lives! We are bringing real solutions through our Unplugged Hub (UPH) Project.

Last month, we started our first computer training center using the UPH technology, in rural India for marginalized girls. This project has become an instant success and we are developing a waiting list of other villages that want to gain basic computer literacy which enables them to pursue higher education and improves their future employability.

In our first six-month training, we have nineteen eager and motivated students. Very few, if any share our Faith and that is great! We have an opportunity for them to see Christianity in action since all of our Coaches (Teachers) are deeply committed to Christ. In a non-threatening environment, we will be sharing the Gospel, praying, counselling and helping them toward a better life for the next six months.

Hear about the Unplugged Hub and how it’s transforming live at our India Discovery Fair October 8th. Please register to attend & host a table!

Sponsorship Information – Help Us Change Lives!

Sponsor directly through the link below or you can also give through check to PO Box 1238, Enumclaw WA 98022. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Host and/or Sponsor a Table; Help Transform Lives in India!