Sewing to the Nations

Today, we have four tailoring schools running in villages in northern India with more coming this year. Every six months, a class graduates, and we give the graduates a chance to be a part of our elephant project. We want to give every woman the opportunity to support themselves financially.

A Tailoring Graduation

Kamu squeezed into the tiny room for one final class. Tomorrow would be her graduation, and today she had the task of sewing her very own graduation uniform…

Elephant Project

“What if we brought Bethany and Anika together in a project that would be mutually beneficial to people in two different countries?”

On the Streets

When she finished her routine, the chanting and jeering continued for some time before they figured out that she had finished with her street act. Almost sullenly, the crowd broke up, mostly men, and continued with the business that had brought them…

Sewage Cleaner to Carpenter

Sawdust littered the concrete floor and filled the home with a pleasant, woody scent. The man and his wife set the door upright and with help from them fitted it to the as-yet empty doorway. Now his neighbors would have a door that could latch in place every night and during the day when they worked.

Payal’s Story

Payal comes from the Dalit Community. ‘Dalit’ is a class of people in India often known as the ‘Untouchables,’ but they call themselves ‘Dalit’ which means ‘the broken people.’ They are the lowest and most poverty-stricken class in India and are often frequent targets for injustice.

Tailoring Schools & The Elephant Project

Shama comes from a non-Hindu family, her family is extremely poor, and often they do not have two proper meals a day. Her sister was sick, and when she heard about prayers, she brought her to our center for prayer. God healed her sister, and it impacted the life of Shama. She was also one of the best students in our sewing group. Along with tailoring, she learned how to stitch bags, her stitching is excellent, and her finishing is skillful.