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Really?  A Pregnant Water Buffalo? $455

What walks on four legs, gives fantastic milk, provides an income for a family, and even provides fuel to keep them warm in the winter?  A pregnant water buffalo can completely transform a family and a village. 

Foot-Powered Tailoring Machine $125

You know those old treadle sewing machines that grandma used?  They are invaluable in Indian villages where electricity is unavailable or unreliable.  Tailoring schools help women learn a trade that can provide a steady income.  We then employ them to make uniforms for the Christian schools that are teaching their children.  
Micro-loan for a Self-Help Group $250

Previously, the only loans available to the most needy in India were from "Loan sharks" who charged interest of 100-200%. Now, overseen by a Christian Community Development Officer, micro-loans are administered through Self-Help Groups that enable men and women to start their own small businesses.  Usually after only a year, they are granted a line of credit from a local bank and become self-sustaining and self-perpetuating.  More importantly, these Self-Help Groups often turn into Bible studies, and ultimately, church plants.
If you are unable to cover an entire project, you may choose an amount to contribute that works for you.
Where is the Biggest Need?  

The areas of biggest need can change over time. Your gift of any amount can make a huge difference across the world as those needs come to our attention.